'CREO' is Coming!

Come along and support our BA Visual Arts Games & Film students at their 'CREO' exhibition on the 15th May 6-8pm at our Erne Campus. At this show the students will be given the opportunity to showcase their work to friends, family, the general public and potential employers.

CREO is a platform for highlighting the talents of emerging artists and providing them with opportunities for career advancement.

It provides students with an opportunity to showcase their work to potential employers, collaborators, and art enthusiasts in order to gain insight into the professional art world. As well as showcasing artistic creations, CREO also fosters networking opportunities, allowing students to establish valuable contacts for their future careers by interacting with industry professionals. Additionally, the exhibition emphasizes the collaborative work of BA students, demonstrating their collective creativity and dedication to their respective fields

CREO provides BA students with visibility, recognition, and a pathway to success in their chosen field.

Want to know more about 'CREO'?

The BA Visual Arts students have created a website with information about the upcoming event.