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Two smiling students relaxing in one of the SWC campuses
Students in science lab using science equipment and wearing white lab coats
South West College construction and trades student with lecturer in workshop wearing high-vis jackets

Parents & Carers

We understand how important a student's educational journey is to their parent or guardian.

We know that where they choose to study is a major decision for everyone involved. At South West College our responsibility to our students goes beyond academia. Student Life can be a stressful and anxious time for many and can include physical, emotional or social challenges. As such, it’s important that everyone knows the support that is available to students.

A Parent's Perspective - Choosing South West College to Further your Child's education

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We have a wide range of subjects to study either as Further or Higher Education courses or as Apprenticeships. To get an over view of both pathways, have a flick through our prospectuses.


South West College students have access to our free confidential counselling service provided by our partners at INSPIRE WELLBEING and to support from South West College’s Safeguarding Team. Counselling is a safe place, away from daily life, where students are able to talk and begin to explore issues that are causing them difficulty. Counselling can help students find the resources, qualities and skills they need to find their own solutions to personal problems. Students are offered up to six sessions of face-to-face counselling; access to a counsellor on your campus or another convenient location; and access to expertise on a wide range of issues that might be affecting their wellbeing.

Students with student support staff.
The college has a highly committed team of support staff to help our students with pastoral and academic needs.

As well as Counselling services, Our Safeguarding Team are here to help our students. South West College has a dedicated safeguarding team that promotes awareness of safeguarding issues and is always available to provide support to students, families and staff. In line with statutory safeguarding guidance, the College has a designated safeguarding team. This group of colleagues work closely together to provide effective safeguarding and pastoral support interventions for all students at the College.

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