Higher Level Apprenticeship qualifications

Higher Level Apprenticeships (HLAs) currently offer you qualifications from Level 4 to Level 7 (Master's degree). The majority are at Level 5 (Foundation degree or equivalent).

The length of a Higher Level Apprenticeship will vary depending on the programme you chose but will be a minimum of two years.

Benefit to Apprentices

By taking part in a Higher Level Apprenticeship, you can gain the skills that employers need and that are relevant to the local economy, therefore improving your prospects of good earnings and sustained employment

    • earning while you learn
    • achieving professional-level qualifications without paying higher education tuition fees
    • increased opportunities for career progression
    • a clear pathway to achieving ambitions in the workplace

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    Benefits to Employers

    Higher Level Apprenticeships allow employers to train staff to the level needed so they have strong technical and good employability skills.

    An apprenticeship can:

    • fill higher level skills gap
    • attract higher calibre staff
    • increase productivity
    • develop existing staff

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    Opportunities are available for you to gain qualifications from Level 4 upwards if you are a new employee or an existing employee in a new job role. Entry requirements will depend on the apprenticeship pathway.

    To take part in the Higher Level Apprenticeship programme you need, as a minimum, to:

    • be employed or be about to take up paid employment as an apprentice, or be an existing employee moving to a new job role, with a Northern Ireland based company
    • work a minimum of 21 hours per week (which includes time for ‘off-the-job’ training)
    • have achieved all necessary entry qualifications determined by the relevant sector
    • pass any entry tests specified by the relevant sector
    • be the minimum school leaving age in Northern Ireland