I want to Employ a Higher Level Apprentice

HLAs provide a fantastic incentive to potential job applicants, enabling employers to choose from the brightest and most dedicated jobseekers. HLA Foundation Degrees/ Degrees are designed in partnership with industry, in order to plug existing skills gaps, meaning your employee will be learning what they need for success in their chosen field and will allow you as the employer to develop a team of high calibre staff, which can only add value to any organisation.

What's Available at South West College

What are my responsibilities as an employer?

  • Take the HLA on as an employee
  • Agree to release the HLA for the required hours of study at the college
  • Pay the HLA for the hours of study at the college in addition to the time spent at work
  • Pay the HLA at least Basic Minimum Wage or above, not apprenticeship rate

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We've worked closely in partnership with the college to develop the Higher Level Apprenticeship Programme so the graduates leave the course career ready.

Hugh Brennan
Terex / Powerscreen

Our commitment

To support you with filling the vacancy:

  • We will list your job opportunities on our Higher Level Apprenticeship Vacancies page
  • We will signpost all HLA applicants to the HLA job opportunities available
  • We will advertise your job opportunities on our social media platforms
  • We will collect and distribute CVs
  • We will liaise with the employer/applicant to set up interviews

Employers may also consider applications for existing employees for career progression opportunities they can offer.

How do I advertise my vacancies?

HLA job opportunities may be advertised anytime from now right up until the end of July. Please note that all HLA courses commence in September. You simply need to provide the following

  • Name of Company
  • Name of Company Contact
  • Email address
  • Contact Telephone No
  • Title of Job Opportunity

When we receive your information we will get in touch immediately to start the ball rolling

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