Supported by the Department for the Economy, this academy delivered in partnership with the South West College (SWC), Dungannon will provide 12 individuals with essential welding skills. This will allow participants to take on welding roles with one of the supporting companies. These include Nugents, Specdrum, Terex, Four Dee NI, Turco Engineering, Trailer and Truck Works, and RM Group.

The 2023/24 (Cohort 1) Welding Academy will last for a period of six weeks. During this time, participants will be studying ETCAL Level 2 Performing Engineering Operations as well as Certified Abrasive Wheels Training. Upon completion of the training, participants will be assessed for a permanent welding role with one of the supporting companies. However, this will be at the company's discretion based on the candidate's completion of the training and interview, in addition to any additional employment checks the supporting company may make.

The recruitment process will include an information session and interview, taking place on 27 and 28 June 2023 at the SWC Dungannon campus. To ensure compliance with equality legislation, a member of the DfE team will attend and monitor two randomly selected interviews.

Successful applicants must be at least 18 years old by 17 July 2023 and eligible to work in the UK at the time of application. They must be able to attend six weeks of intensive training at SWC's dedicated training venue in Cookstown, starting on 17 July 2023, until 25 August 2023. Participants will receive a £160 training allowance per week, reasonable travel expenses covering their return journey, and possible childcare assistance while in training.

After training, participants will undergo a guaranteed job interview, allowing them to be assessed for a permanent welding role with one of the supporting companies. However, participants will not be guaranteed an interview with their preferred choice of supporting company.

All correspondence will be via email, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to act within the given timeframe. Successful applicants claiming Job Seekers Allowance/Universal Credit should speak to their work coach about the benefit implications of proceeding with the programme.

Everyone who meets the essential criteria is welcome to apply, particularly those returning to work from caring duties. Completed applications must be submitted by Friday 9 June 2023 and if assistance is required in completing the application form, please email or call 028 9041 6972.

To obtain an application form and guidance, please visit Welding Academy South West College (SWC) - 2023/24 (Cohort 1) Applications - NI Direct - Citizen Space

Welding Academy

closes 9 June 2023