After pulling the pin on university because it wasn’t right for him, an Enniskillen student says the more practical, hands-on approach of an apprenticeship was where he found his calling in life.

Adam McShea is currently working his way through a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Engineering at South West College.

Adam shared that he had previously been enrolled at university but upon reflection after spending time studying there, he decided it wasn’t for him:

I had gone to university and I ended up dropping out as 100 per cent theory and sitting in a lecture hall wasn’t for me, whereas the apprenticeship is 75 percent practical and only 25 per cent theory so it’s a lot more hands-on.

Adam divides his apprenticeship between two days in the class based workshop at Enniskillen Skills Centre and three days working at Mannok, a leading building product manufacturing business group based in Derrylin, County Fermanagh. Adam speaks on his experience of this format:

The fact I’m working half the week, it splits up the week quite well. Out at Mannok, the days absolutely fly in.

Where a university degree is lecture based theory which is paid for by student loans or out of your own pocket, an apprenticeship course allows you to earn while you learn. Adam is reassured he’s on a better career path for him through his apprenticeship:

I have a good enough salary coming in every week whereas with uni I was paying £8000 a year, just to go. With the apprenticeship, you are earning as you learn and then you have a job guaranteed basically when you are done. I would 100 per cent recommend this route to others.

Do you relate to Adam’s story? Do you think university is the only way to succeed or, are you already there and finding that something just doesn’t feel right for you?

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