On Friday 3 March Higher Education students from South West College will join with family and friends to celebrate their efforts and academic achievements at the annual graduation ceremony at The Strule Arts Centre, Omagh.

The ceremony will recognise and honour the hard work and dedication of over 400 graduates and will feature addresses from College Principal, Celine McCartan and guest speaker Emma Weaver, former student and founder of Mental Wealth International while a student vote of thanks will be delivered by Aimee Fitzpatrick from Tempo who is graduating with a Foundation Degree in Tourism and Hospitality.

Over thirty special ‘Student of the Year’ awards will also be presented to students who have achieved outstanding success in their various disciplines.

Congratulating students on their achievements, Celine McCartan, Chief Executive of South West College said;

‘Graduation day is always a memorable occasion and an important milestone for our students. It is an opportunity to reflect upon their individual achievements, the knowledge gained, friendships made and experiences shared. It is a proud day not only for the students, but their families, friends, colleagues and the staff of South West College who have helped guide them to this point.

I am delighted that the College is able to offer unique higher-level qualifications which have been developed to support local business. We know from our many industry partners that South West College students have the skills and qualifications they need to build successful careers. I congratulate each one of our graduates on their efforts and wish them every success for the future. I know they will do South West College proud and be strong ambassadors for the college.’

Reflecting upon her studies at South West College, Aimee Fitzpatrick said;

‘The Foundation Degree at South West College was really great and allowed me to work while completing my studies. The course has equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed in my current role with Blue Green Yonder and I would encourage any students who are currently evaluating their options to strongly consider the opportunities available at South West College.’

Reflecting on his studies, Padraig said;

‘The course focussed on delivering industry relevant skills, ensuring students were equipped with the knowledge needed to break into games and other relevant industries. The close links with game industry professionals from around the globe provided real world feedback and engaging workshops across a range of disciplines. I had the opportunity to complete this course on a part time basis, which, alongside the hybrid learning model, gave me the chance to obtain my degree while balancing full time work and starting a family I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in this area of study.’

Reflecting upon her studies at South West College, Roisin Meenagh said;

‘It was fantastic to be able to get my degree locally and not have to travel further afield. The college has so many relationships with local industry that there are fantastic opportunities available to all students who complete their studies at South West College. The staff at the college are so supportive I would recommend that anyone considering further studies takes a close look at the courses on offer at the college.’

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