South West College (SWC) were honoured to recently welcome the family of the late Colin McCormick back to the Erne campus for the unveiling of a memorial bench dedicated to cherishing his memory. Colin was a beloved tutor, friend and colleague who touched the lives of countless students and inspired generations.

Staff, students, and members of Colin's family gathered to pay tribute to an extraordinary individual who left an incredible mark. Colin devoted his life to the relentless pursuit of knowledge, fostering a deep-seated love for learning, and nurturing the growth and development of his students. He played an invaluable role in shaping minds, instilling core values, and igniting a passion for education that continues to ripple through the lives of those he touched.

To honour Colin's lasting impact, the College, with the permission of his family, designed and fabricated a memorial bench in a serene and picturesque location at the SWC Erne campus. The bench, thoughtfully constructed by the Enniskillen Level 2 Joinery students, will serve as a poignant reminder of Colin's profound influence on his students and colleagues alike.

Through the memorial bench, SWC aspire to create a tranquil space where Colin's spirit can continue to inspire future generations. The College would like to extend an open invitation to all students, staff, and visitors to enjoy this serene space, located under the listed Yew trees in the Erne Campus carpark, where they can sit, reflect, and draw inspiration from Colin's legacy.

During the solemn and heartfelt occasion, SWC's Director of Corporate Services, Sharon Mc Grath, a long-time colleague, and cherished friend of Colin's, extended a warm welcome to his family and graciously supported the unveiling of the memorial bench. She paid tribute to his life, career, and the profound service he provided to both the College and to students.

Staff and family members listened intently, as they shared cherished memories of his unwavering dedication, boundless passion, and relentless commitment to both the College and its students. Each colleague portrayed Colin as a devoted and enthusiastic tutor who, throughout his tenure, guided numerous students through their educational journeys and offered unwavering support through his work in Student Services. The profound impact he made is truly remarkable, and it is evident that his absence continues to resonate deeply within the hearts of all who knew him.

After the speeches, staff and family members gathered to reflect on the remarkable contributions and extraordinary life of Colin. They shared touching anecdotes, stories, and cherished memories, celebrating the profound influence he had on our lives and the lives of those around him.