HySkills project concludes with publication of a ‘Train-the-trainer’ guidebook

South West College and project partners from several leading research and academic institutions across Europe have announced the publication of a new ‘Train-the-trainer’ guidebook which is the final deliverable of the innovative Erasmus+ funded HySkills project which has previously developed a series of interactive training modules designed to support the development and delivery of the Hydrogen economy.

The guidebook will act as a supporting tool for those training operatives in the use of Hydrogen and will assist the roll out of the HySkills course in a centre-devised way regardless of user demographics or location.

Dr Charlie Farrell, Project Officer at South West College said;

This intellectual output serves as the final piece of work disseminated from the HySkills team. It is a remarkable achievement to have developed systematically developed an interactive training course to further develop the skills of those working with hydrogen across industry. This new publication will further aid the delivery of the HySkills training modules and ensure that learnings acquired through the project are applied practically by those working at an operational level.

The HySkills ‘Train-the-trainer’ handbook includes:

  • An overview of the HySkills project
  • Module structure, sequencing, pre-requisites and learning outcomes
  • A detailed breakdown of each module with support materials
  • Pedagogical techniques, meta and t-shaped skills
  • Final considerations of the course

The handbook is also available in several languages including Greek and and German and can be found alongside the training modules at https://hyskills.org/resources