The Education Foundation for South Sudan Our Aim

Our aim as a college is to raise enough funds to build a school for children in Rumbek in South Sudan, in line with the opening of the South West College Erne Campus in 2020. About South Sudan

On July 9, 2011, with significant backing from the United States, South Sudan became independent of northern Sudan and sought its future as the newest country – and newest democracy – in the world.

This happy moment followed decades of civil war with the former dominant north that killed over two million people, mostly civilian black African southerners, and displaced at least four million more southerners.

At this time, however, South Sudan faces an uncertain future as a functional democracy. According to the World Bank, literacy in South Sudan is the lowest in the world: 73% of the population is illiterate and illiteracy stands at a staggering 84% for women. The aspirations of the South Sudan people have been made even more difficult due to internal conflict that broke out between its leaders in late 2013, causing widespread civilian suffering, human rights violations and loss of educational and economic infrastructure.

South West College's Education Foundation for South Sudan hopes to help the country move forward with the ambitions it set in 2011.

Map of South Sudan Why Rumbek in South Sudan?

Sometimes we have to stop and take a moment to realise how lucky we really are and to be inspired by other people’s brave actions!

The college has formed a strong relationship with a missionary volunteer called John Skinnader.
John has vast experience of working with cross denominational groups to develop and promote education in South Sudan, and as fate would have it, he has strong links to Enniskillen and the South West region. John is delighted to work with us on this project and will be able to keep us up-to-date on developments in the region, communicating through live chats with staff & students, the WOW Blog and Front Page Friday.
This is an ideal way to make this project real for staff and students.

Together we can achieve this…

In one of John’s recent emails, he explained the reality of life in Rumbek:

"I have 2 primary schools in the area, a 600 pupil’s primary school, started 6 years ago
and an all-girls primary school, just starting.
When I transferred to the region, I was shocked to find that there are no toilets for the students in either of the schools, so I have been working on getting temporary toilets built for both schools.

"The reason the authorities give as to why there are no toilets at the schools, is that the children do not have breakfast before leaving home and they do not get lunch in school -so they did not need toilets! However, now through a Scottish organisation called - Mary's Meals, children get lunch - so they need toilets so I am fighting to seek funding for them at present!

"The school facilities are far from perfect as you can see in the video.
Your college’s support to build a new school will make such a huge difference to the lives of these children.
Many of whom walk more than 7 miles just to get to school."

The journey so far?
  • The Foundation was launched across all campuses in June
  • Change for Change boxes were distributed to staff
  • Omagh Campus Welding students in conjunction with Kevin O’Hanlon and Diarmuid Kelly (IDEA) are working on large freestanding

    collection boxes for the reception areas at all campuses for people to return their change
  • A call for volunteers was circulated in September
  • Cookstown Campus Performing Arts students are carol singing in Tesco’s on the lead up to Christmas in aid of the Foundation
  • A Gift of Giving event is planned for Wednesday 19th December across all campuses (see information below)
  • Student Volunteers are taking on bag packing in a variety of locations in the New Year
  • The IT Department are working with Dominic McKeown (Enterprise Development Officer) to co-ordinate a social enterprise project with

    students involving the resale of old computers to generate funds
  • The Colour Run/Walk across all campuses will take place in March
  • A large Motor Vehicle event is in the planning at the Dungannon Campus in March
  • Tenner Challenge

If you or your students would like to get involved please email The Education Foundation for South Sudan:

South West College’s Gift of Giving Event

Wednesday 19th December:
10.30 – 11.30am, all Campuses

This Christmas as part of the College’s drive to raise money for our new charity ‘The Education Foundation for South Sudan’, we have decided to have a large Christmas fundraiser that will add a bit of festive fun, to all campuses!

5 step guide to taking part:
  1. Sign up to the event here! using the password southsudan
  2. The Foundation will email you a name of a person that you are to buy a gift for, all randomly selected. Maximum spend is £5.00 – so time to get creative!
  3. Wrap your gift, clearly label it with the name of the recipient and bring along a separate envelope with a £5.00 donation for the Foundation.
  4. Leave your gift as follows:

Cookstown Campus – Joanne Lucas

Dungannon Campus – Sheila Lynd

Enniskillen Campus – Sonya Power

Omagh Campus – Breidge Morrison

Technology & Skills Centre – Deborah Brown

  1. Attend the coffee morning on Wednesday 19th December in your campus restaurant to celebrate some festive fun with your colleagues.

Deadline for participation:
Wednesday 5th December.