Rural Economic Accelerator Programme (REAP)

Do you live in the Fermanagh area and are interested in finding sustainable employment?

REAP – Rural Economic Accelerator Programme

Dedicated Mentors will be based in the SWC Enniskillen and SRC Portadown Campuses and work to recruit and provide one-to-one support to participants to identify and address key barriers to employment and connect residents with education and employment opportunities.

REAP will present 60 people with the opportunity to avail of fully funded courses. REAP will provide direct links to Job Opportunities – exclusive to participants of the programme.

REAP – Rural Economic Accelerator Programme

What Courses are funded?

Essential Skills Maths, English, ICT, ESOL, CSR, Welding Skills, Basic Food Hygiene, First Aid etc. Mentor can assist with application for funding for all SWC courses.

What jobs are available?

Currently there are job opportunities with the following organusation:

  • Lakeland Community Care, Balcas, Care Plus ,Encirc, North West Care,
  • Positive Futures, Tilery Nursing Home, Elite, Lough Erne Resort, Coonen group, Mannock.

How can REAP help Tutors/ Mentors/ Support Workers?

For any students currently leaving Part-Time or Full-Time courses, programmes or potentially starting Part-Time or Full Time courses or programmes REAP can provide that student with a job at one of the above companies, provide the training for the job or provide that student with access to the relevant course to allow them to continue with education.

When does REAP start?

REAP has started and is currently recruiting these opportunities will only be available for a short period of time however so if you currently are dealing with any students who could avail of these opportunities please drop us an email.

Students will also get help with childcare, travel and lunch vouchers

For further information please contact:

REAP - Sustainable Construction Skills: Retrofit Up-skilling Programme

Do you work in the building trade sector and would be interested in up-skilling in the area of Retrofitting? Courses will run in July, August & September.

REAP - Retrofit Course

For further information about the Retrofit programme please contact:

  • Anne McCaughey

    Net Zero NI Industry Liaison Officer