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Our Vision
Inspiring Learning - Empowering People


We treat everyone with openness and trust in a culture of fairness, honesty and inclusion.

  • Treats all students with dignity
  • Listens actively and values diversity
  • Fosters a culture of mutual respect


We hold ourselves and others responsible for actions, behaviours and outcomes.

  • Takes responsibility for learning outcomes
  • Sets clear expectations and gives feedback
  • Reflects and maintains high professional standards


We actively engage with our learners, peers, staff, stakeholders, our community and environment for the betterment of all.

  • Creates captivating lessons
  • Encourages active participation
  • Uses diverse teaching strategies


We commit to doing our best and always strive to improve.

  • Prioritises students’ success
  • Goes the extra mile
  • Pursues professional growth

Curriculum Vision - Inspiring Learning - Empowering People

Find out more about how we aim to make your learning journey with South West College a fulfilling one through, vision, workplace skills, curriculum and student experience..