Welcome to Way out West, a new voice from within the South West College. A rural college with campuses across Tyrone and Fermanagh #SWC offers a variety of avenues and opportunities across further and higher education. Through an array of blogs, articles and people profiles, Way out West aims to showcase every angle of student life in and outside of #SWC. #WOW will offer insight and advice into the latest student trends as well as shining a light on the future of education, employment and life in Northern Ireland, highlighting how students can prepare to impact and effect it both now and in the years to come. #WOW will: • Offer the latest news directly concerning the college’s campuses, and the #SWC staff and students. • Keep tabs on the latest student trends, and advice on how to make the most of your time as a student, both academically and socially. • Bring you news from around the world and show exactly how they affect YOU by recapping the bigger stories which continue to make the headlines; highlighting the stories you have missed and the parts of them that are important to you; and looking at the major issues such as politics and culture in a relevant way. #WOW aims to become a useful resource for students, and the local community as such is always looking for new stories in order to ensure we are covering the issues that people want to hear, so feel free to interact and get in touch, whether to comment on a blog, suggest a story, or submit one of your own, through @SWCcollege using the hashtag #WOW, or the colleges Facebook page.