We are now less than 9 months away from our 6th August 2020 opening date for the Erne Campus. In this month’s post, we can reveal some exciting developments onsite and take a look at a range of curriculum areas, offices and communal areas.

The majority of the metal stud partitions have been erected on the second floor and are now being closed in, taped and jointed and ready for finishing. Work has also commenced on the third floor, which has seen the beginnings of the metal stud partitions for the Business Curriculum areas.

[twenty20 img1="11051" img2="11053" offset="0.5" before="Business" after="Business"]

We are also seeing the mechanical and electrical services being closed in on this level, with the gradual installation of the raised access floor.

On the second floor, we can see communal areas such as the bistro and the reception waiting area beginning to take shape. The reception waiting area extends out from the second floor to the glazed curtain walling of the atrium. This area provides spectacular views of Enniskillen and also allows occupants to overlook the atrium from both directions.

[twenty20 img1="10991" img2="10993" offset="0.5" before="Bistro" after="Bistro"]

[twenty20 img1="10951" img2="10949" offset="0.5" before="Level 2 Atrium" after="Level 2 Atrium"]

A little further up the corridor, we can reveal the initial structures within the Learning Resource Centre. Here we can see the construction of metal stud partitions which create the main study area, private study rooms and work area for Centre for Excellence in Digital Learning. The LRC will provide PCs, Macs and Laptops for up to 68 students as well as an extensive library of hard copy and digital resources.

[twenty20 img1="10977" img2="10979" offset="0.5" before="Digital Learning" after="Digital Learning"]

[twenty20 img1="11035" img2="11037" offset="0.5" before="LRC" after="LRC"]

[twenty20 img1="11043" img2="11045" offset="0.5" before="LRC Study Rooms" after="LRC Study Rooms"]

The Hair and Beauty salons have also seen significant changes over the last month. Full height glazed partitions in the Hair salon leading to the side entrance can be clearly seen and well as glazing in the Beauty salon, looking out towards the atrium. These areas will rely heavily on a mixture of natural light coming from the carpark side (North), Atrium side (South) and artificial lighting, designed to mimic natural light.

The two Hair salons will have approximately 46 work stations comprising of chairs, wash stations and dryers. The two Beauty salons will total 18 bays, including worktops, storage and wash basins.

[twenty20 img1="10987" img2="10985" offset="0.5" before="Beauty Salon" after="Beauty Salon"]

[twenty20 img1="10999" img2="10997" offset="0.5" before="Hair Salon" after="Hair Salon"]

Support staff areas are also beginning to take shape. Below we see the HR office space, which looks out onto the carpark to the north. A full height glazed partition with door divides these two areas. The contractor has also begun to paint the underside of the concrete slab above, which will be finished in a dark grey. There will also be suspended ceiling tiles and low energy demand lighting below this, which will hide any mechanical and electrical services overhead.

[twenty20 img1="11005" img2="11007" offset="0.5" before="HR Office" after="HR Office"]