Time for a quick Erne Campus update before the Christmas break! Work on site will cease for a fortnight beginning 20th December giving us all some much needed rest. As you can see, the majority of the scaffolding has been dismantled around the building, revealing the brick cladding and swiss panelling to the carpark facing wall and the glazed front, facing out on to the Erne River.


Internal screens and balcony balustrades are currently being fixed in place along with internal glazing. Below, we can see the student social area really beginning to take shape. This area is joined on to the student services staff area, which is on the other side of the glazed partition

[twenty20 img1="11275" img2="11277" offset="0.5" before="Student Social" after="Student Social"]

In our last post, we caught a glimpse of how the Fitness Suite is progressing, and this week we can see the sports studio classroom. This room works both as a teaching and physical activity space, with an external dooor, leading to the most northerly point in the campus.

[twenty20 img1="11255" img2="11257" offset="0.5" before="Sport Studio" after="Sport Studio"]

Electrical & Mechanical services are currently being installed on the 3rd floor followed by raised access floor installation. This raised access floor will cover up the services and also provide power and data in the form of floor boxes, allowing many teaching spaces to be flexible and multi purpose.

[twenty20 img1="11283" img2="11285" offset="0.5" before="Stairwell" after="Stairwell"]

One of the many open plan offices has its internal metal stud walls constructed, including meeting room and managers office. The one seen below is situtated on the third floor at the most easterly point of the building.

[twenty20 img1="11371" img2="11373" offset="0.5" before="Open Plan Office" after="Open Plan Office"]

Across the corridor from the open plan office, we have the Erne Campus Boardroom. This room overlooks the atrium and has a panoramic view of much of Enniskillen town.

[twenty20 img1="11383" img2="11385" offset="0.5" before="Boardroom" after="Boardroom"]

Internal walls are also almost complete on the 3rd floor, with the catering department starting to take shape including the commercial restaurant and production kitchen.

[twenty20 img1="11291" img2="11293" offset="0.5" before="Restaurant" after="Restaurant"]

[twenty20 img1="11309" img2="11311" offset="0.5" before="Production Kitchen" after="Production Kitchen"]

The Erne Project Team wish you a very happy Christmas. Thank you for all your help throughout the year and we look forward to working with you all in 2020 in preparation for the big move in August!